This is an ultra-thin, transparent film that’s installed on the interior side of your current glass, fortifying it against various hazards, such as natural disasters, burglaries, bullets, and even explosive devices!

The true enchantment lies in the highly potent adhesive. Once it sets onto the glass, it forms an extremely strong bond that makes it arduous to detach. If an external force strikes the window and the security laminate remains intact and firmly affixed, the impact will be dispersed across the surface of the security laminate, mitigating its severity.

Certainly! Alarms alone merely produce loud sounds and do not hinder intruders from invading your home or place of work. Criminals are typically aware that they have enough time to commit their offense and escape before law enforcement arrives. However, by combining our laminates with an alarm system, you can achieve unparalleled protection. While the alarm signals the authorities, the laminates create an additional layer of security, giving them extra time to arrive while the intruder is still outside, trying to breach the security system.

Not ever. We offer a 10-year warranty on our security laminates, safeguarding against such issues. It’s important to note that low-cost films are prone to such problems due to the sun’s deterioration of their adhesive. However, our adhesive is impervious to solar damage, and instead, the sun contributes to the film’s increased bond strength.

Simply no. Glass cutters create incisions on glass to facilitate its penetration, but our security film thwarts any attempt to break through it by punching or striking it.

Usually, you should still be able to open your window to exit, but if it becomes jammed, our security laminates provide unidirectional protection, making it challenging for an intruder to gain entry while still allowing you to break through from the inside if needed.

Is your product un-breakable?

Our product is specifically engineered to deter breaches by impeding intrusion through the glass and laminate. Each product is built with a predetermined break-strength, and once exceeded, the product will rupture. It’s important to note that even though a hole or tear may form, it does not necessarily mean that an intruder can gain access through that small opening, as continued effort would be necessary to breach the security system. While our product is often sufficient to thwart attempted break-ins, we cannot guarantee that it will ultimately prevent an intruder from breaking in, but we do ensure that it will make it considerably more difficult for them to do so.