The ArmorEssential™ team includes certified experts who provide excellent solutions to keep your windows safe. With ArmorEssential™ products, you can protect your loved ones, employees, business, facilities, and valuable possessions from intruders trying to break in through your windows. Our products also help reduce injuries that may happen from broken or flying glass during explosions, extreme weather, attempted thefts, or shootings. We continuously test our products to ensure we offer the best safety film and security laminate in the industry.

Our AC7 Safety/Security Film is our standard grade option that acts as a shield against simple smash and grab crimes. This film is also ideal for protecting children from glass shards in the event of breakage.

Our AC9 2-Ply Security Film offers superior protection against typical smash and grab crimes, making it an ideal deterrent for intruders. 

Our flagship security laminate product, the AC14 3-Ply Security Film, provides exceptional protection against the most aggravated attempts to gain entry through your glass. It is the most flexible and top-rated choice for commercial, residential, and automotive applications and comes in various options, including clear, grey tint, frosted, and silver reflective.

AC7 1-Ply (7-mil)
180 PSI 54%
AC9 2-Ply (9-mil)
220 PSI 66%
AC14 3-Ply (14-mil)
335 PSI 100%


In addition to our high-quality Security Film products, ArmorEssential™ offers professional tinting services. Our tinting not only enhances privacy but also provides protection against heat, harmful UV rays, and prying eyes.


We also offer anti-graffiti film to safeguard your windows from vandals. If your windows have been vandalized, simply peel the film off, and the graffiti is removed. For unparalleled protection and peace of mind, contact ArmorEssential™ today!

Wet-Glaze anchoring

To enhance structural integrity, an adhesive is meticulously administered along the entirety of the window frame’s sill. This wet-glaze anchoring method effectively forges a robust union between the security film and the structural framework, thereby establishing a comprehensive protective barrier encompassing the window.